The Project

Windows 10 is set to be the one system for all devices. To show what converging the UI of Windows from phone to tablet to desktop could look like I created a Windows 10 concept that shows the transition between the various states of the system and how the UI of the start menu adapts to them.

The redesign of the start menu is based on Microsofts 'Fluent Design' design language, which is supposed to introduce new, fresh design elements like acrylic glass effects and transparency. It takes account of Microsofts philosohopy of creating new device categories.


Windows 10, the Windows 10 Logo and its design guidelines are property of Microsoft Corporation. This concept is in no way connected to Microsoft.

Zeichenfläche 1
Zeichenfläche 2
Zeichenfläche 4
Zeichenfläche 2 Kopie 2
Zeichenfläche 4 Kopie