The Project

BLVRD is the first product search engine that is specifically designed to help the digital generation find their favourite fashion locally. With BLVRD users can find their prefered clothing in the right size, color and prize and find out which store has them in stock. This way they can try on the products and buy them right in the store, without the need to search throughout the city or to wait for delivery or the hassle of retouring.

To communicate their value proposition I was tasked to design recognizable and fun brand and a compelling website. Together with Studio Beszon I created a landingpage that explained all the benefits that BLVRD offered for customers and potential partners alike. 

Logo Design & Branding

- Visual Identity
- Color Choices 
- creation of logo


B as a representation of the name BLVRD


A map pin to symbolize the local aspect of BLVRD


An O shape that represents a portal to the online world





The Challenge

How to make users want to use the service while also ensuring that potential partners and companies would jump on board to create a strong platform?

Utilizing the strong branding was the first step to achieve that goal: BLVRDs popping primary colors are populary used throughout the website to create interest and communicate that fashion is what it is all about. We used iconic fonts and strong image language to support the content in the best way possible. That meant for us to be really deliberate about the usage of colors and imagery and keep the layout clean and simple. We didn't want to overdesign it, so we could garantuee that the focus would be on the content itself. 

Screen 1
7_Screenshot Join the Movement 2
6_Screenshot Logo 2
5_Screenshot How it Works 2

© 2020 Nadir Aslam art & design.
All rights reserved.

© 2020 Nadir Aslam art & design.
All rights reserved.