Football School

The Project

Beşiktaş is one of turkeys most influental and historical football clubs. The Beşiktaş football school aims to help young aspiring football players to develop their full potential. Star Player Fabian Ernst and other highly qualified and experienced coaches accompany the young stars of tomorrow on their path to become the next great football players. In order to kickstart the new Beşiktaş football academy I was commissioned to create a platform that promotes trainings and camps. 


Design Language

To make it appeal to young players we had to reinvent and play around with Beşiktaş traditional branding. Black and white stripes and a lot of vibrant red are what makes Beşiktaş branding so recognizable. So this is where we started with our design approach. From the menu button that resembles the stripes to the bold usage of red on top of a white canvas we made sure that everything speaks the same language and benefits the brand recognition.

As the platform is mainly targeted towars Gen Z, it was crucial that we took modern design styles and UX approaches known from the currently used social media platforms.

Artboard 2

UX challenges

We also had to make sure that the UI as well as the UX speaks to younger and older people alike. As the platform is targeted specifically at kids and young adults it's mostly their parents and elders who will make the decision to book a camp stay or a training. The UX hugely reflects that by the usage of big and popping buttons, the implementation of various ways to navigate through the page (e.g. galleries are controlable either by touch, with buttons and also with keyboards) and by combining traditional and modern UX elements so users of any age feel home instantly.

Artboard 3