What is BLVRD?

BLVRD set out to revolutionize local fashion shopping. With BLVRD, you can discover fashion from stores in your area, browse collections and compare prices, sizes and colours. Whether you're looking for a new outfit, a gift or a bargain, BLVRD will show you where to find it. 

As a designer, I had the opportunity to create the visual identity of BLVRD, including the logo, the overall look and feel of the brand and the landing page. I chose a bold and dynamic logo, a vibrant and diverse colour palette, that reflects the variety and creativity of the fashion scene and designed a simple yet elegant landing page, that showcases the features and benefits of BLVRD. I wanted to convey the idea of a modern, unique fashion platform that connects shoppers with local businesses.
The Logo

The logo for BLVRD is comprised of two elements that, when combined, resemble a 'B'.
A pin shape - like the location pin you know from maps apps (because BLVRD is all about connecting you with local fashion) - and a circle, that symbolizes a portal, like a gateway from the online to the offline world, create a unified yet organic entity. I aimed to create a logo that was as simple as possible, to be easy to read and yet unique to increase recognizability and make it standout against the crowd.
The Color Palette

The colour palette makes BLVRDS design identity come to life. A cautiously picked variation of colours, from teal and blue to violet, allows a variety of combinations, gradients and mix-and-matches for any purpose. 

The Landingpage

The purpose of the landingpage is to get consumers and stores alike to become a part of the BLVRD movement. As both target groups are distinct I took great care to make the page as easy to scan and navigate as possible. To achieve that I took elements and cues from contemporary design styles: colour blocking, clear contrasts and a simplified layout. Combined, they help to quickly get an idea of what BLVRD is all about.
Thank you for reading! 

I hope to have sparked interest through sharing these insights to my design process. If you need any help with your brand, feel free to reach out to me. 

Visit my website: www.nadiraslam.de
Or write a message: design@nadiraslam.de

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